Gifts for the Whole Family

Finding the perfect gift for all the special people in your life can be very difficult. No worries, because JanSport’s Family Gift Guide is here to help! Shop for all the special people on your list in one place and get them the perfect backpack that will make them feel the love!

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Superbreak® Away Duffel 40L
    Starting from CA$65.00
  2. Superbreak® Away Duffel 60L
    Starting from CA$70.00
  3. Double Break FX Backpack
    Starting from CA$65.00
  4. Core Cardholder Wallet
    Starting from CA$15.00
  5. Core Trifold Wallet
    Starting from CA$25.00
  6. Suede Campus Backpack
    Starting from CA$80.00
  7. Hatchet Backpack
    Starting from CA$100.00
  8. Large Accessory Pouch
    Starting from CA$20.00
  9. Recycled SuperBreak® Backpack
    Starting from CA$60.00
  10. Essential Carryall
    Starting from CA$25.00
  11. Lunch Break FX
    Starting from CA$35.00
  12. Right Pack Backpack
    Starting from CA$90.00
  13. The Carryout Lunch Bag
    Starting from CA$40.00
  14. Right Pack Backpack Premium
    Starting from CA$100.00
  15. Field Pack
    Starting from CA$70.00