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  1. Core Trifold Wallet
    Starting from CA$25.00
  2. Core Cardholder Wallet
    Starting from CA$15.00
  3. Core Bifold Wallet
    Starting from CA$20.00
  4. Cinch Caddy
    Starting from CA$30.00
  5. The Carryout Lunch Bag
    Starting from CA$40.00
  6. Recycled Waistpack
    Starting from CA$50.00
  7. Lunch Break FX
    Starting from CA$35.00
  8. Large Accessory Pouch
    Starting from CA$20.00
  9. Fifth Ave FX Fanny Pack
    Starting from CA$35.00
  10. Fifth Ave Fanny Pack
    Starting from CA$30.00
  11. Lunch Break
    Starting from CA$33.00
  12. Big Break Lunch Bag
    Starting from CA$30.00


When people think of Jansport, they think backpacks, but we do so much more! Carry your lunch or snacks to class in one of our fashionable lunch bags that compliment our backpacks perfectly or carry all of your writing utensils and digital accessories like chargers in our awesome accessory bags. We make carrying all of your digital accessories, food, and drinks fun and easy. Function meets style with our lunch and accessory bags, so let function and style meet you.