Gift for Students

If you’re looking for gifts for teens or are searching for the perfect gift for college students, JanSport has you covered. Every student needs a backpack for getting around campus, commuting to and from school, or lugging their notebooks, textbooks and laptop around. Our range of backpacks includes everything from simple styles to sleek monochrome designs, large backpacks with lots of storage, and laptop bags perfect for campus life.

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  1. Fifth Ave FX Fanny Pack
    Starting from CA$35.00
  2. Restore Pack
    Starting from CA$70.00
  3. Lodo Pack
    Starting from CA$75.00
  4. Fifth Ave Fanny Pack
    Starting from CA$30.00
  5. Lunch Break FX
    Starting from CA$35.00
  6. Hatchet Backpack
    Starting from CA$100.00
  7. Double Break Backpack
    Starting from CA$60.00
  8. Main Campus Backpack
    Starting from CA$70.00
  9. Right Pack Backpack
    Starting from CA$90.00
  10. The Carryout Lunch Bag
    Starting from CA$40.00
  11. Right Pack Expressions Backpack
    Starting from CA$90.00
  12. Recycled Waistpack
    Starting from CA$50.00
  13. Right Pack Backpack Premium
    Starting from CA$100.00
  14. Superbreak Plus Am Backpack
    Starting from CA$65.00
  15. Cinch Caddy
    Starting from CA$30.00
  16. Big Break Lunch Bag
    Starting from CA$33.00