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JanSport has basically built our business on the shoulders of our outdoor backpacks. Trusted and utilized by hikers, campers, hunters, and all other outdoors enthusiasts since 1967, JanSport is the industry leader when it comes to hiking backpacks. Our commitment to the outdoors even drives our company motto: Discover Freedom™. If you are looking for the roomiest, most flexible, and simply the most durable backpacks for outdoor use, then you’ve come to the right place.


Whether you’re heading out for an afternoon hike with your dog or you’re taking an extended hiking and camping trip into the Rockies, JanSport has hiking backpacks designed with you in mind. We have everything from lightweight and nimble backpacks like our Agave, Tilden, and Ashford lines as well as our epic Guide Series pack, the Tahoma 75. Our Tahoma 75 outdoors backpack has even been rigorously tested by the world’s foremost International Mountain Guides, resulting in a best-in-class rating!

If you’re heading outdoors, you need a backpack that’s durable enough to see you through anything you might come across. You want a backpack that not only has plenty of storage, but one that’s also comfortable to carry, easy to use, and strong enough to survive a ‘Squatch attach. In other words, you want a JanSport!